The My Foodie® Way

How My Foodie is made:

Produce selected with love + swedish science + sustainable packaging = love from lund

Produce selected with love

We have chosen all our ingredients because of their unique richness in flavor and nutrients. What’s more, we made sure to only pick produce free from the 14 most common allergens, so that everyone can feel full and keep going with great-tasting plant-based Goodness!

The base


Did you know that potato is one of the few foods you can almost solely live on? Potato makes up the perfect mix of important vitamins, minerals, fibers, high-quality protein and carbohydrates, which is pretty cool.

Rapeseed oil

Did you know that My Foodie® 250ml provides you with about 50% of your daily need of Omega-3? Rapeseed oil is one of the best sources of plant-based Omega-3, plus contains healthy levels of Omegas-6.

The apple

Our next task was making My Foodie as tasty and smooth as it is nutritious, which is why we in our next step blended in fresh tasting apples.

The flavor

The final addition to the Goodness of My Foodie was the choice of ONE unique Nordic berry that is not only rich in natural nutrients, but also bursting with fresh taste and rich flavors.


Did you know that the blueberry is packed full with super important antioxidants that can help your body fight all sorts of unpleasant things?


Did you know that, out of all berries, raspberry is especially and unusually rich in the B-vitamin Folate? Your body can’t produce this on its own, yet still needs this everyday to produce new cells and red blood cells. So Yes, you can binge on raspberries any day!

Sea buckthorn

Did you know that the amount of vitamin-C in sea buckthorn is at least 3X as high in comparison to oranges?

And finally!

Our products consist of above thoughtfully chosen ingredients, and we have been equally careful in selecting others that support our My Foodie®’s durability, taste and color: lemon- and purple carrot juice from concentrate, stabilizer from red algae (carrageenan) and natural aroma.

+ Swedish science

Our next challenge was to get all of our ingredients to properly blend, since potato and rapeseed oil simply refused (like oil and water). We found the solution through foodie science i.e. food innovation research at Lund University, and developed our unique patent: a heat-stable plant-base rich in Omega-3. We blended our patented plant-based emulsion with apples and a Nordic berry, and the result is My Foodie® by Veg of Lund.

+ Sustainable packaging

The best thing for our environment would be to not use packaging at all, but how would that look? We have chosen packaging materials that you can easily recycle, so we together can be responsible for our Nature.
Glass: Glass can be recycled an unlimited number of times and is therefore a much more sustainable choice for our environment than plastic bottles.

= Love from lund

My Foodie® is bottled with Goodness and on its way to you.
Full of love from Lund!